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26 million Americans SUFFER WITH COMPULSIVE SEX! There IS a SOLUTION! 

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  What if You could FINALLY Break Free from this obsession and Shame? 

If your sex life could go from that same old intense repetitive black and white script, to a brilliant, multidimensional, life changing experience, would you have the courage to claim it?

Core Themes of the Program.

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About The Founders

Charlene Lewis, LCSW, CSAT, CST
Joshua Lewis, CRSS
Compulsivity and trauma professionals with over 40 years of combined experience in supporting clinicians, clients, and the recovery community.


9 Week Program Overview

  • 9 week IOP focusing on recovery from sexual compulsivity for men and women‚Ä謆
  • The program is facilitated in conjunction with the client‚Äôs primary therapist, with weekly updates, and regular communication and consultations provided ‚Äč
  • Each week of the IOP incorporates the Carnes Task Model‚Äč to coordinate with the primary therapist‚Äôs treatment planning
  • IOP includes a 90 minute weekly therapy recovery support group facilitated by an experienced CSAT‚Äč
  • IOP includes a one-on-one recovery coaching with an experienced¬†sexual compulsivity recovery coach‚Äč
  • Psycho-educational and instructional videos are woven into the IOP program over the course of 9 weeks
  • Early Recovery Guidance: 12 Steps Group differences, why they benefit clients, how and why they work
  • IOP materials include 25 sexual recovery exercises including¬† Facing the Shadow and more
  • Educational series on the 3 stages of¬†this habit
  • As an additional support we provide psycho-educational video series for pre-contemplative, contemplative, and fully prepared clients



Joshua Lewis, Recovery Coach, CRSS, (CAC Candidate)

Charlene Lewis, LCSW, CSAT, CST

What our Clients are Saying

"These guys saved my marriage, carrier, but most importantly they saved my life. Not only are they masters in the field of sexual compulsion, they seem to intuitively know what challenges the client faces and communicates what to do, in a no nonsence fashion. Brutally honest, I love this about them. Run, don't walk!"


Javier L

Miami, FL

New York, NY

"I entered into Charlene's group not knowing if it would help. I felt I had tried everything, and NOTHING was working. I am amazed at what I have learned about myself, my compulsive behavior, and the new strategies that I can use to stay sober. Shame and powerlessness have given way to a new way of living, with dignity and true intimacy. A big thank you to both of them just doesn’t cover it.


North Carolina

"They give you the recipe, ingredients, and bake the cake with you over and over again until you get it. I can now bake my own recovery cake. I have my life back. It takes practice: falling down, getting up, and re-applying the tools with a experiential knowledge. The system helped me develop "smart feet", that keep me in recovery."

Worlds #1 Sex Rehab- Patrick Carnes Recovery Start -Now From HOME - Available to Everyone



Benefit from Patrick Carnes’ Recovery Start System, which celebrity’s pay over $100,000 for a 10 week course. Do individual therapy, group therapy, and educational sessions from the comfort of your own home.

Put Another Way

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A Program for compulsive p0rnography users and a Program for their Partners



Guided Recovery - From home.

Live your life and honor your commitments, while attending to 20 hours of recovery work for 9 weeks.





Work with world renowned Sexual Compulsion expert Charlene Lewis and her team of CSATs and Coaches.



E-Hab (Intensive Outpatient Treatment)

8 Week Intensive Program with a CSAT therapist, Group Processing sessions, Bleeding Edge Psycho-Educational Courses, and dedicated support staff



If freedom from sex and pornography compulsion were easily attained, and also free from discomfort and cost.....wouldn't you have done it already?

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If climbing mount Everest no longer required:

  • Intense training
  • A foolproof plan of assent
  • Slow, measured, methodical¬†stages
  • Use of¬†strengths, and the development of new strategies
  • A¬†team of experts

Wouldn't you have made it to the summit already?


A Program for Partners

The trauma of being in a relationship with a sexually compulsive partner can leave lasting wounds. Partners often feel shame, fear, helplessness, loneliness, and out of control.

This is no way to live!

Join our partner's E-Hab track:

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Our Flagship Programs (One on One with Charlene and Josh)

Signature Programs (One on One with our Staff)

Signature Programs (One on One with our Staff)