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Supporting CSATs, CPTTs, CMATs,are currently doing with your clients. 


Welcome to Intimacy E-habŠ, a coordinated, online outpatient treatment program for sex addiction, supporting CSATs, CPTTs, and their clients. 

Bridging the Gap​ - Through Continuity of Care

Our online intensive outpatient program is unique, includes psycho-educational training, practical recovery tools, small group sessions and more. It's designed to support you the CSAT, CPTT, or CMAT in the excellent work that you are currently doing with your clients. 

This IOP does not replace your work, rather it serves as an adjunct; additional support for our colleagues who may find it challenging to provide all of the moving parts of recovery in a 50 minute weekly session.

We coordinate care with the CSAT, CPTT, and CMAT therapists that we are honored to work with, and do not replace the primary therapist. Rather, we provide I.O.P. adjunct support for the clients you are working with.

We've created this program out of necessity. With an estimated 18+ million Americans living in the shame of compulsive sexual behavior, and the impact of betrayal trauma on their loved ones, we felt that it was time to make the highest level of care available to the many who desperately need it.

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Charlene Lewis, LCSW, CSAT, CST
Joshua Lewis, CRSS
Addiction and trauma professionals with over 40 years of combined experience in supporting clinicians, clients, and the recovery community.
Charlene Lewis, LCSW, CSAT, CST
Joshua Lewis, Recovery Coach, CRSS, (CAC Candidate)

9 Week Program Overview

  • 9 week IOP focusing on addiction recovery for men and women​ 
  • The program is facilitated in conjunction with the client’s primary therapist, with weekly updates, and regular communication and consultations provided ​
  • Each week of the IOP incorporates the Carnes Task Model​ to coordinate with the primary therapist’s treatment planning
  • IOP includes a 90 minute weekly therapy recovery support group facilitated by an experienced CSAT​
  • IOP includes a one-on-one recovery coaching with an experienced addiction recovery coach​
  • Psycho-educational and instructional videos are woven into the IOP program over the course of 9 weeks
  • Early Recovery Guidance: 12 Steps Group differences, why they benefit clients, how and why they work
  • IOP materials include 25 sexual recovery exercises including  Facing the Shadow and more
  • Educational series on the 3 stages of addiction
  • As an additional support we provide psycho-educational video series for pre-contemplative, contemplative, and fully prepared clients


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I'm Interested in Learning More

What CSATs, CPTTs, and CMATs are Saying

Anna Fenton, CSAT, CPTT, CMAT​

 "The Return to Intimacy" IOP is a collaborative program that every CSAT needs. The IOP provides daily support and accountability that's hard to achieve in weekly therapy sessions alone. This program truly puts the ‘intensive’ into ‘intensive outpatient’ treatment, offering an affordable alternative to inpatient rehab for clients who are committed but time-strapped.

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What Clients Are Saying

Miami, Fl

"These guys saved my marriage, carrier, but most importantly they saved my life. Not only are they masters in the field of sex addiction, they seem to intuitively know what challenges the client faces and communicates what to do, in a no nonsence fashion. Brutally honest, I love this about them. Run, don't walk!"

New York, NY

"I entered into Charlene's group not knowing if it would help. I felt I had tried everything, and NOTHING was working. I am amazed at what I have learned about myself, my addiction, and the new strategies that I can use to stay sober. Shame and powerlessness have given way to a new way of living, with dignity and true intimacy. A big thank you to both of them just doesn’t cover it.

North Carolina

"They give you the recipe, ingredients, and bake the cake with you over and over again until you get it. I can now bake my own recovery cake. I have my life back. It takes practice: falling down, getting up, and re-applying the tools with a experiential knowledge. The system helped me develop "smart feet", that keep me in recovery."

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What Partners Are Saying

Los Angeles, CA

"Working with Charlene Lewis has been a highlight of my life. Her knowledge and experience is overshadowed only by her natural gift to relate to her clients and teach. She is my angel and continues to help strengthen and rebuild my relationship with my husband so our marriage is better than ever."


"I wasn't sure i wanted to be a part of a healing workshop but this was a truly unique experience that showed me that healing is possible.
I wasn't sure i wanted to be a part of the group but once i started i was so glad i did. I found myself. I found a strength through being vulnerable. I didn't even know that was possible.
Charlene was very straight forward and direct but with compassion. She helped me find my own answers. She stuck to the material while allowing us to talk about more if needed. I found this workshop so unique and helpful that i have been looking for something like it, not geered towards partners of sex addicts, for my daughter's. The workshop and Charlene where amazing."

Miami, Fl

"Life Changing!
Charlene is an amazing therapist and wears so many hats! I first worked with her in 2018 for marriage therapy with my husband who was very NOT into the idea for therapy, but thankfully VERY into making our marriage a healthy and happy one. I attended weekly group with her for about a year, and I continued work on my own with her for long after that."

Miami, Fl

"The Best Experience!
I always left feeling excited to use the tools I was given. Even though it was through zoom, Charlene was always able to make me feel very connected and comfortable. I found myself looking forward to continue working with her as I saw improvements in my mindset and relationship very quickly. I always recommend her to others."


"I will forever be thankful for my angel, Charlene Lewis. Her knowledge and professionalism in identifying and recovering from sex addiction have helped my husband and I stay sober for over 6 years together. Her spirit and personal skills have inspired me to change my controlling and fearful ways and embrace peace and serenity."

Miami, Fl

"Because of the support I received in the partners group, from Charlene and the rest of the ladies, I realized that I was in very toxic relationship and found the strength to leave my ex boyfriend. I’m still healing, but I have FINALLY found peace!"

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